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South Florida Nutrient–Dense Staple Foods


Listed from north to south within each category.

Bread & Crackers

Note: to be listed, bakers must at a minimum be using chemical–free organic grains. Heirloom grains, in–bakery grain milling and in–house fermentation (soughdough) are ideal.

Oakland Park: German Bread Haus Open 6 days (closed Sundays), all year. 311 East Commercial Boulevard; Oakland Park, FL 33334. 954.491.4464 Facebook Yelp germanbreadhaus.com

Oakland Park: Weezie’s Gluten Free Kitchen Open 5 days (closed Monday & Sunday), all year. Gluten free breads, cookies, muffins & rolls (grains milled in–house). Also marmalades, preserves & gourmet salt. All certified organic ingredients. 1321 East Commercial Blvd; Oakland Park, FL 33334. 954.993.3993 Facebook Yelp weeziesgfkitchen.com

North Miami: Grateful Bread Open 7 days, all year. 5 varieties of bread made from Montana hard red spring wheat freshly stone ground in the store. Also serves breakfast and lunch. 927 NE 125th Street; North Miami, FL 33161. 305.873.6440 Facebook Yelp gratefulbread.us

Surfside: Crackerman Bread and crackers. Made from stone–ground Montana wheat. Some are exclusively certified organic. Sold at numerous farmers’ markets. Call Stefan at 678.232.7308 Facebook crackermancrackers.com

Miami: Zak the Baker Open 6 days (closed Saturday), all year. 6 types of naturally leavened (sourdough) bread. Made using certified organic flour. Also sold at local farmers’ markets, restaurants, and markets. 405 NW 26th Street; Miami, FL 33127. Facebook Yelp zakthebaker.com

Miami Beach: True Loaf Bakery naturally leavened (sourdough) bread, croissants & pastries. 1894 Bay Road; Miami Beach, FL 33139. 786.216.7207 Yelp


Cheese Makers

Pompano Beach: Mozzarita Handmade Italian–style cheeses. Available at their store and numerous farmers’ markets, farm stores, and Whole Foods. Made from conventional pasteurized milk. Also olive oil and pasta imported from Italy. 5392 NE 13th Way; Pompano Beach, FL 33064. 954.426.5115 Facebook Yelp mozzarita.com



Stuart: Castronovo Chocolate Monday to Friday 10am to 5pm; Saturday 10am to 3pm. Chocolates, caoca nibs, cookies, and truffles. South Florida’s only bean–to–bar chocolate maker. 555 South Colorado Avenue, #103; Stuart, FL 34994. 561.512.7236 Facebook castronovochocolate.com


Coffee Roasters

Oakland Park: Calusa Coffee Roasters Locally roasted artisan coffee. 161 East Commercial Boulevard; Fort Lauderdale, FL 33334. 954.449.4377 Facebook Yelp calusacoffeeroasters.com


Ferments: Vegetables & Kombucha Tea

Fermented foods are considered critical to health by many and were consumed throughout human history as part of every meal (they were our primary means of preserving food). Returning to that pattern of eating them with every meal will often resolve over time many seemingly unrelated ailments and degenerative diseases. Unlike most of the fermented foods found in grocery stores, these have not been pasteurized after fermentation. Note that most of those listed in our Dairy, Eggs, & Meat section also sell homemade fermented dairy (kefir, yogurt, etc.) and vegetables fermented with whey.

Palm Beach Gardens: One Kombucha Kombucha tea (9 flavors) Sold at their tap room and local farmers’ markets. 9475 Alternate AIA; Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33403 561.469.8478 onekombucha.com Facebook

Oakland Park: Kombulicious Kombucha tea (4 flavors). 4028 NE 6th Avenue; Oakland Park, FL 33334. 954.641.8884 Facebook kombulicious.com

Coconut Grove: Glaser Organic Farms Saturdays, 10am to 7pm. Extensive selection of vegan fermented foods; also sells at most local Whole Foods, typically in a small refrigerated case in the produce section. 3300 Grand Avenue; Coconut Groove, FL 33133. Local Harvest Yelp glaserorganicfarms.com



Fort Pierce: Gruwell Apiary Beeswax, raw honey (including the rare to find creamed honey), personal products from honey, and pollen. Contact Melissa or Brian via email. Local Harvest buzzzonin.com

Hollywood: Honey Bee Z Ness Raw honey, honey sticks, pollen, propolis, royal jelly, and wax. Sells at the Yellow Green Farmers’ Market. 305.761.6154 Facebook

Key Largo: Bees ’N The Keys 6 varieties of raw honey. Also soap and bee removal. 305.453.0115 Facebook bees-n-the-keys.com 


Jams & Marmalades

South Miami: Freakin’ Flamingo Jams, jellies & sauces. Sells at the Southwest Community Farmers Market. 305. 970.8225 Facebook freakinflamingo.com



Miami: Novae Gourmet Bacon, jerky (beef & chicken), and custom blended spices. Beef from Creekstone Farms in Arkansas City, Kansas. 954.300.3710 Facebook novaegourmet.us



Vero Beach: Oyster Island Mushrooms Mushrooms (enoki, king oyster, lion’s mane, maitake, oyster, pioppino, shiitake & others) and home growing supplies. Sells at various farmers’ markets; delivery available. 772.559.0691 Facebook oim2.com

Oakland Park: Sublicious Farms Oyster mushrooms (blue, pink & yellow). Also home growing supplies, compost, worm castings, and mushroom casings. Delivery available. 4028 NE 6th Avenue; Oakland Park, FL 33334. ‎954.261.3314 Facebook Local Harvest Yelp subfarms.com



Miami: Shawnee’s Greenthumb Popcorn Spirulina and nutritional yeast popcorn. Sold at various locations, including Whole Foods. Facebook greenthumbpopcorn.com


Sea Salt

Upper Sugarloaf Key: Florida Keys Sea Salt Gulf of Mexico sea salt, sponges, and kefir cultures shipped to you. 305.745.4098 Facebook Local Harvest floridakeysseasalt.com


Sausage Makers

Deerfield Beach: Emil’s Sausage Kitchen Homemade frankfurters, sausages, and other deli items. Uses conventional meat. 124 North Federal Highway; Deerfield Beach, FL 33441. 954.422.5565 Facebook Yelp european-sausage.com


Sprouts & Microgreens

Riviera Beach: Got Sprouts? Monday thru Friday, 9am to 6pm; Saturdays by appointment. Certified organic, non-GMO wheatgrass, microgreens (arugula, buckwheat, broccoli, pea, radish & sunflower), sprouted bean mixes, and juices (juice bar). Also classes, consulting, juicing for special events, and sprouting supplies including seeds. Delivers from Port St. Lucie to Fort Lauderdale. 1880 West 10th Street, Suite 104; Riviera Beach, FL 33404. Call Sean Herbert at 561.689.9464 Yelp gotsprouts.com

Coral Gables: Green Gardens Organics Certified organic, non–GMO wheatgrass and barley grass (grown in a soil-less proprietary blend), microgreens (buckwheat, pea & sunflower), sprouted legumes (chickpea, mung & legume mix). South Florida’s oldest grower of wheatgrass & barley grass. Wholesale & retail (call first). Also licensed nutritionist and herbalist consultations. 4750 Jefferson Street; Coral Gables, FL 33133. 305.444.1176 Facebook Yelp greengardenorganics.net

Homestead: Health and Happiness Farm Certified organic, non GMO wheatgrass and microgreens (pea, radish & sunflower). Also tropical fruits and vegetables. Wholesale & retail (call first). 19405 SW 280 Street; Homestead, FL 33031. 305.582.5099 healthandhappinessfarms.com



Miami: Tea-Arte Caribbean-style teas (aloe vera mint, ginger rust, hibiscus sorrel passion, lemongrass fever, & peppermint twist). Facebook tea-arte.com


If you know of others, let us know.


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